New Gremlins vinyl soundtrack transforms when exposed to light and water, is the coolest thing ever

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Jun 16, 2020, 2:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Fancy, gimmicky vinyl releases are all the rage these days when it comes to movie soundtracks — but the new Gremlins LP might be the coolest yet.

Mondo is prepping a release of the original motion picture soundtrack for Gremlins, but it’s the packaging that really steals the show. Entertainment Weekly reports the artwork to the set is pretty much just like the monsters in the cult hit, 1984 film: It changes when you expose it to water, or daylight. No word yet on whether or not it can tell when it’s past midnight. The artwork was created by Phantom City Creative, and hidden messages on the gatefold jacket shine through under ultraviolet light and when exposed to water (like a damp cloth, don’t just toss it in the bathtub).

Some pics of the package have also been released, and like most Mondo sets, it looks fantastic. Thankfully, Jerry Goldsmith’s soundtrack for the film is also pretty great, too.

The Gremlins LP package goes on sale November 30, just in time for the holiday season.