The Happytime Murders bondage
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New Happytime Murders trailer basks in its filthiness with WTF twitter reactions (and one very frisky octopus)

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Aug 13, 2018, 6:32 PM EDT

The upcoming comedy The Happytime Murders is coming soon, and in anticipation they have released a "For your consideration" trailer. While most of the time, these kinds of trailers would play things very serious, with very laudatory quotes from critics, this trailer...isn't like that. 

It still has the serious tone, and a serious font— but the quotes within are from random twitter users who have recently seen footage from the movie. Most of the responses are of the "WTF" variety, which was exactly our response after watching this little trailer. 

WARNING: We can't possibly stress this enough— the trailer below is a red band trailer, and sure, it's full of is not, in any way, fit for children. It's also highly NSFW. Before you click the link, know that you have committed yourself to a path that you will not be able to escape from. Some of the images here cannot be unseen. It's too late for us, but it might not be too late for you. 

You've been warned. Here you go

We warned you!

You think you've seen everything, and then, well, the octopus starts doing that. As disturbing (and hilarious) as a lot of this imagery is, it still doesn't come close to the puppet carnage created by Peter Jackson in his 1989 masterpiece Meet the Feebles. That film was all puppet and no human, whereas this one features the comedic brilliance of Melissa McCarthy, Joel McHale, and Maya Rudolph. They are likely two very different movies, but when you're talking about the "disgusting, violent, R-rated puppet genre" there aren't that many movies to talk about. There's certainly room for another, especially with these actors. 

The Happytime Murders opens on August 24th. If they have left all of the most outrageous bits out of the trailers, then may the lord have mercy on all of us. Can't wait!