New Hawkeye writer on telling a 'Veronica Mars with superheroes' tale via Kate Bishop

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Sep 20, 2016, 8:09 AM EDT

Marvel Comics is revamping its line in the wake of Civil War II, and the other Hawkeye will finally be getting her own solo series. Enter: Kate Bishop.

Kelly Thompson will be writing the new Hawkeye run, focused on Kate’s adventures on the West Coast, and io9 caught up with her to talk about how she’s approaching the character. The series will serve as a spiritual successor to what Matt Fraction was doing with the character during his Eisner-winning Hawkeye run from a few years back, when she was a supporting player in Clint Barton’s story. Now, with that Hawkeye headlining Occupy Avengers, Kate will have top billing in the solo ‘book.

Check out an excerpt from her comments below:

“I think Kate’s got such a strong and singular voice, even when she’s in a group, that once you tap into that voice as a writer, she just sorta bosses you around and tells you what she wants to do. Our series is definitely a spiritual successor to what Matt Fraction and Annie Wu began when they brought Kate to L.A. We’re definitely doing our own thing, but they absolutely laid the groundwork for where we wanted to take Kate. It was the next logical step…

When I was pitching I initially described Kate’s book as Veronica Mars with superheroes, and though a lot has changed since pitching, I think that still sums us up pretty well. Kate will be taking on P.I. cases – both her own personal mission that brought her back to L.A., and the clients she finds – but you can’t take the superhero out of Kate, nor would we want to. She’s an archer first and foremost. One of the really fun things about Kate as both archer and P.I. has been seeing the way that those skill sets naturally overlap. Being an archer makes Kate a better P.I., and being a P.I. makes Kate a better superhero.”

The first issue of Hawkeye hits shelves in December.

Do you plan to join in on Kate’s adventures?

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