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New horror-themed art exhibit honors the best fright flicks of 1987

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Jul 25, 2017, 5:22 PM EDT

The year 1987 will go down as one of the most memorable for aficionados of sci-fi, horror and fantasy films, as the cosmic tumblers aligned and gave us classics like Predator, The Lost Boys, RoboCop, The Running Man, Hellraiser, The Monster Squad, Evil Dead 2, The Hidden, Near Dark, Angel Heart, Innerspace, A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors, Prince of Darkness, The Gate and Spaceballs!

Now, that's an impressive treasure of geeky flicks that makes for a solid foundation for any respectable genre movie collection. And I'm not even including lesser offerings like Masters of the Universe, Harry and the Hendersons and The Witches of Eastwick!

A new art exhibit at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles is paying its respects to the monumental horror movies of 1987 in a new exhibition titled "30 Years Later," showcasing artworks inspired by this acclaimed roster of fright flicks.

The Melrose Avenue show runs now through August 12, and prints can be purchased on the official site.

Check out a preview of 18 posters in the gallery below, then give us your favorite 1987 movies on their 30th anniversaries.

(Via Bloody Disgusting)