Incredibles 2 Underminer is getting away

New Incredibles 2 clips show the family in action and Jack-Jack's new powers

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Jun 5, 2018, 5:03 PM EDT

Way back in 2004, director Brad Bird left fans of The Incredibles hanging as the family of superheroes prepared to take on a new foe called the Underminer. It’s been 14 years between sequels, but Disney and Pixar are finally revisiting the Parr family in Incredibles 2. And while the movie is just over a week away, we can finally see the aftermath of the Underminer’s attack in one of two new preview clips.

In the first scene, Mr. Incredible gives his wife, Elastigirl, the bad news about the Underminer’s escape. However, they have much bigger problems as they attempt to slow down the Underminer’s giant drilling machine. 

If we had to guess, we think that Frozone’s big moment from that clip will probably be his first scene in the film. That’s not a bad way to enter a movie! The clip also checks in with the Parr children: Dash, Violet, and even Jack-Jack.

Speaking of Jack-Jack, the second clip takes place much later in the film, after Mr. Incredible has essentially become Mr. Mom. It’s something he would probably be able to do without as much difficulty if his son wasn’t constantly developing new powers. And as you’ll soon see, Jack-Jack’s latest ability is kind of creepy.

It’s touching to see that Mr. Incredible is so dedicated to helping Elastigirl succeed as the face of all supers that he’s willing to push himself to extremes. It’s also refreshing that he’s not jealous of his wife’s success. But there’s a new threat waiting in the wings, and it’s going to take the entire family to bring the mystery villain down.

Incredibles 2 will open on Friday, June 15.