New info appears on female Ghostbusters, including potential A-list stars

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Dec 16, 2014, 10:45 AM EST (Updated)

We’ve heard a lot of buzz about the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters reboot, and the massive Sony data leaked has revealed a ton of new intel on the project.

According to Vulture, the film is being called a reboot internally, and will apparently take place in a world where the general public is unaware of ghosts — meaning it’s definitely not (at the moment, at least) being planned in the original Ghostbusters canon. Director Paul Feig describes this version as “scarier and more hi-tech.”

The main villain is apparently being written for Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage (though there’s been no indication he’s attached yet), who will play a convicted murder who is turned into a ghost following an electrical storm during his execution. The storm apparently gives him super-ghost powers, allowing him to raise an army of famous historical villain ghosts. No, we’re not making this up.

So, who you gonna call to stop these guys? Apparently “four very different women” tasked with figuring out “funny, scary and action-packed ways ... to save New York City and the world.” Not a terrible pitch, and studio execs note in the exchange that they’re working to “find a clever way” to connect to the original films so they can “use the assets and everything that is great” about Ghostbusters 1-2.

So, who might star as these four new Ghostbusters? According to an exchange between producer Ivan Reitman and Sony exec Amy Pascal, some of the best leading ladies in Hollywood have already expressed interest. The list includes Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer and Lizzy Kaplan — “just to name a few.”

Now, some of that could just be internal posturing, but you’d have to think a film with this type of fan pedigree would be a hot commodity as a starring vehicle. Especially with Feig (Bridesmaids) in the director’s chair.

Do you like the rumored direction they’re wanting to take this reboot?

(Via Vulture, SplitSider)

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