Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
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New Into the Spider-Verse trailer introduces John Mulaney's Spider-Ham, Nic Cage's Spider-Man Noir

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Oct 2, 2018, 10:00 AM EDT

If you weren't totally sold on Sony's upcoming Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the new trailer will fix that up for you in a jiffy. It's steeped in action, geekiness, and assumes we all understand the multiverse by now. 

Oh, and one other reason: Spider-Ham.

The super-powered swine, who started his life out as an arachnid in the lab of scientist Mary Porker, is voiced by comedian John Mulaney, and the casting choice could not have been more perfect. It sounds like he'll be bringing the same irreverent humor in his stand-up routines and time spent on Big Mouth to this role. 

Also present is Nic Cage's Spider-Man Noir, Hailee Steinfeld's Spider-Gwen, and Kimiko Glenn's Peni Parker, a Japanese middle schooler, who pilots a mech suit called the SP//dr, which is partially-powered by a psychic radioactive spider. 

Watch the trailer (which recognizes Sam Raimi's Spidey trilogy) below:

Popping with vibrantly unique animation that looks like a comic book come to life, the film follows Miles Morales (voiced by The Get Down's Shameik Moore), a Spider-Man from the alternate dimension known as Earth-1610.

Just an average kid navigating the difficult world of superheroism, he learns that there are many others like him after a super collider opens doorways to other universes. Peter Parker (voiced by Jake Johnson) becomes his mentor of sorts, but it's going to take the combined forces of all the Spider-People to help save the day. 

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse swings into theaters on Dec. 14. The movie will also feature the voice talents of Mahershala Ali (Miles's uncle Aaron Davis/Prowler), Liev Schreiber (Wilson Fisk/Kingpin), Lily Tomlin (May Parker), Brian Tyree Henry (Miles's father Jefferson Davis), and Luna Lauren Velez (Miles's mother Rio Morales).