New Iron Man 3 toy may have spoiled a major Tony Stark plot point

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Jan 29, 2013, 10:41 AM EST (Updated)

Most of the plot details of Marvel's Iron Man 3 have been kept tightly under wraps so far, but a newly revealed tie-in toy might give us some clues about where Tony Stark's headed next.

Toy Fair, the New York City expo where the major toy companies roll out their biggest new items, is on its way very soon, and that means we're starting to see leaks here and there of what will be revealed at the fair. Among those are new Iron Man 3 tie-in figures by Funko!, and while most of them are based on armor we already know about, one is gettting some extra attention. We don't know for sure, but there could be MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD, so if you're not sure you want to know, now's the time to click away.

Still with us? OK, check it out:

Yup, that's a brand-new version of Tony Stark's armor. So what does this mean for the movie?

Well, it could mean nothing. After all, the latest comic book incarnation of Iron Man features some space-tinged aventures, so maybe Funko! is just trying to capitalize on that and it has nothing to do with the movie other than a common release year. On the other hand, this is billed as official Iron Man 3 merch, so it could end up having a very big impact on the film overall.

Is Tony unveiling new armor that will take him into low Earth orbit? Will this armor show up in a post-credits scene that will set up an Iron Man appearance in, say, Guardians of the Galaxy? Is Tony just prepping the launch of Stark Galactic to pile more money into his already-overstuffed wallet? Would Marvel really let a secret this big leak out in the form of a toy?

We have no clue, but if this toy has any connection to the movie at all, we could be in for some very cool things on the big screen.

What do you think? Is this toy a sign of things to come for Iron Man, or is it just a toy?

(Via IGN)

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