New Japanese humanoid robot cools itself through skeletal sweating

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Oct 17, 2016

A new humanoid robot from the University of Tokyo just got one step closer to the realistic assassin android in The Terminator ... it can sweat! The athletic Kengoro robot at the school's JSK Lab is equipped with a cooling system that drips deionized water onto its 108 motors to allow it to dispense some of the vast amounts of heat built up as it moves.  Other comparable systems designed to drop heat levels require a network of artificial veins and arteries to pump soothing fluids through the robot's frame, but these solutions are heavy and expensive.  


The robotics team from JSK, led by Professor Masayuki Inaba, utilizes an economical method of laser sintering, which allows metals of different densities to be layered into complex shapes while adding permeability. This technique creates micro-alleys of less dense aluminum throughout Kengoro’s heavy-duty frame, retaining water and directing the H2O perspiration drops onto the warming motors and providing an efficient cooling choice through the miracle of evaporation.  Dissipating heat keeps Kengoro cool enough to perform 11 minutes of regulation boot camp push-ups without overheating.  Take that, puny humans!


(Via Gizmodo)

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