New Justice League footage focuses on The Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg and Aquaman

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Jan 22, 2016, 6:42 PM EST (Updated)

With Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opening wide this year, Warner Bros. decided to pull back the curtain on the rest of the (mostly) A-list heroes who will be joining them all in the upcoming Justice League film.

To go along with the midseason premiere of The Flash, The CW showed off a Dawn of the Justice League special hosted by uber-geek Kevin Smith last night. There they discussed everyone from Wonder Woman (while also showing off the first footage from the film) to Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash and the Green Lantern Corps. All that footage has made it online, and while it isn’t exactly spoilery, it is a peek at some concept art and which comic designs they’re using as inspiration.

The footage is framed around Smith and  DC chief Geoff Johns, and includes mini-interviews with all the key Justice League stars: Ray Fisher (Cyborg), Ezra Miller (the Flash) and Jason Momoa (Aquaman). Zack Snyder also pops up to be tragically hip, as well. Sadly, no casting news for the Green Lantern project yet, though this is a nice confirmation that the Corps will definitely play a key role in the DC universe moving forward. 

Check out all the snippets below and let us know what you think:

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