New Justice League poster reflects brighter take on the DC universe

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Mar 26, 2021, 9:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Maybe it's the change in director. Maybe it's the success of Wonder Woman. Maybe someone over at Warner Brothers got a new outlook on life or someone over there turned on a light, but something's definitely changed about the Justice League movie.

If you remember the original Justice League trailer, you likely recall all of it looking like it was shot with half-light through a blue filter. That's not to say it's a bad thing. It was just a certain look and, shall we say, mood. 

These days, there's a whole lot more color going on. 

Two major things have happened since the original trailer debuted: Joss Whedon replaced director Zack Snyder when Snyder left the film due to a death in the family and Wonder Woman came out in theaters and took the summer by storm.

Whedon's influence is certainly seen in some of the new scenes in the most recent trailer and you can even say he's made some changes to a color palette that feels more like his work on the Avengers films.

But we're talking about a whole different level of brightness both in color and engagement when it comes to other DC films, especially when you look at the marketing and the newly released poster.


Take, for example, today's Twitter post about a Justice League Halloween contest.

Are you used to this many smiling faces in a promo for a DCEU film?

It's also worth noting that Wonder Woman is the first person you see in that poster and she's higher up than anyone. The next two characters that get your focus are Aquaman and The Flash. Even Cyborg catches your eye before Batman. When you consider that Batman was the driving force behind the original marketing, it's an interesting choice. 

Does it mean that Batman's taking a back seat in this film and he'll be back in force in The Batman? Who knows. But it definitely looks like the more colorful characters are getting the spotlight right now.

Justice League hits theaters on November 18th.

(via THR)