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Artwork by Fiona Staples, Courtesy of BOOM! Studios

New Labyrinth comic will explore the secret history of the Goblin King

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Mar 26, 2021, 6:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Dance magic dance! The world of Jim Henson's classic 1986 fantasy film Labyrinth is officially coming back in glorious comic book form. 

The new comic (as first reported by Entertainment Weekly) will be published by Achaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios, and written by Simon Spurrier (Godshaper, The Power of the Dark Crystal) with art by Daniel Bayliss (Jim Henson's Storyteller: Dragons, Kennel Block Blues). 

In a statement, BOOM! Studios says the comic will be based on "the untold history of the Goblin King," famously played by the mighty David Bowie in the original film. Titled Jim Henson's Labyrinth, the new book will be set in 18th-century Venice, and will deal with another young woman attempting to save a young boy named Jareth from the Labyrinth. Jareth will not be as lucky as Sarah's brother was — he is destined to become the once and future Goblin King himself, in what will be "a striking look into the history of the Labyrinth itself, and what happens to the little boys who don't get rescued."

It seems like the comic will not be bereft of the manic insanity that the original film is so famous for. Not only will we see the Goblin King as a child, but we are promised to get plenty more of him in his iconic David Bowie form as well, which is something we think that everyone will be thankful for. Check out the main cover as well as two variants: 


Artwork by Fiona Staples, Courtesy of BOOM! Studios


Artwork by Jill Thompson, courtesy of BOOM! Studios


Artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz, courtesy of BOOM! Studios

Jim Henson's Labyrinth #1 will be available in February 2018. Are you looking forward to it? Let us know in the comments! 

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