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New lawsuit alleges Stan Lee's ex-publicist stole money and blood

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Apr 14, 2018, 4:48 PM EDT (Updated)

It was recently rumored that copies of comic books stamped with Marvel legend Stan Lee were being sold in Las Vegas -- and now a new lawsuit alleges an ex-publicist of Lee's stole that blood in addition to a large sum of Lee's money.

A bizarre and upsetting lawsuit was filed Friday against Jerry Olivarez, an ex-publicist of Stan Lee, alleging Olivarez stole $1.4 million from Lee's bank accounts and used the money to purchase a West Hollywood condo for $850,000. But wait, it gets even more unsettling. Olivarez is also accused of stealing Lee's blood in order to stamp it on comic books. In addition, Olivarez allegedly set up a fake charity called Hands of Respect in order to sell the blood-stamped comics. 

According to Variety, the organization claims to have gained permission to use the blood in this manner. But the lawsuit states, “Lee never approved of the use of his blood as a merchandising item, or for any other use. Naturally, this compounded Lee’s grief and angst and caused him tremendous emotional distress.”

Olivarez is also accused of stealing jewelry and even more money from Lee through business scams. The Hollywood Reporter recently documented just how complicated Lee's affairs have gotten as the legend has aged and after the death of his wife Joanie last year.

Hopefully, those with Lee's best interest in mind are able to clear up any issues and protect him moving forward.

(via Variety)