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New Legion promos feature chattering and an impossible promise

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Feb 28, 2018, 4:26 PM EST (Updated)

Get ready to go back to the astral plane, because Legion Season 2 is almost upon us. The first season of Noah Hawley's extension of the X-Men universe was one of the craziest things we've ever seen, and a new set of promos is making us think that Season 2 might ramp that up even more

Though we don't have much to go on in terms of where the story might take us (we rarely do with this show), we know that Aubrey Plaza's Lenny will be on a road trip with the newly demonized Oliver Bird, played by Jemaine Clement. The thought of these two sharing screen time is enough to make us excited, but we'll apparently have to wait a bit for that. The new pair of promos that the show has released doesn't feature them, but it does show off plenty of madness. 

Here's the first promo, which seems to suggest that one of the main issues of the new season will involve ... chattering. Take a look at it here


We're not even going to pretend to know what is going on, but we do know that the chattering makes us feel very unsettled. Legion excels at channeling that weird space, and it looks like that tradition will continue. Why is Ptonomy chattering like that? We're almost afraid to ask. 

The second promo has a little more substance, but not much. It gives us a longer look at main characters David and Syd, and it also gives us another glimpse of Ptonomy, who still doesn't seem to be doing very well. Take a look at the second promo here


Again, huh? But also, welcome back, Legion. It looks like David Haller is still going through the mental wringer, only taking brief stops to potentially cure Ptonomy of his chattering, and to make a resolution with Syd. 

That last part might be the craziest thing in either promo, as both David and Syd promise each other that there will be "no more secrets." Are they kidding? This show lives and thrives on secrets. Though the bond between these two is strong, we're guessing that this little vow lasts upwards of around 5 seconds at best. 

It's great to see at least some of the cast again, though. We've missed David (Dan Stevens), Syd (Rachel Keller), and Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris) — and though we only get a fleeting glimpse of Cary (Bill Irwin), we definitely miss him too. Still no sign of Lenny (Aubrey Plaza), Oliver (Jemaine Clement), Kerry (Amber Midthunder), or Melanie (Jean Smart), and we can't wait to see them all. 

What exactly is going on with the group of bowl-cut clones, however, is anyone's guess. I'd say that we'll know more when Legion returns to FX on April 3, but most likely we'll just have more questions. Bring them on, Legion! We're not afraid of you. 

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