New line of action figures captures the vintage Star Wars feel you crave

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Aug 15, 2014, 2:24 PM EDT (Updated)

If you still miss your old action figures, one company is about to make you very happy.

Last year at San Diego Comic-Con, San Francisco-based toy company Super7 unveiled a set of vintage-style Alien action figures, based on the now-lost line of figures developed for the film by Kenner in 1979. Those figures were such a hit that the company returned to San Diego this year with a much-anticipated, limited-edition Alien Egg Chamber playset, but they didn't stop there.

Super7 has now teamed up with fan-favorite toy company Funko (they make those adorable big-headed vinyl "Pop!" figures everyone loves so much) to create ReAction Figures, a line of action figures meant to capture that late-'70s-early-'80s vintage feel you remembered, but for properties that often either didn't get much in the way of toys at the time (because they were for adults) or didn't exist yet.

"We make stuff we wish we'd had,” Super7 founder and owner Brian Flynn told Wired. “Like we didn't know these existed, then pulled them from under the rafters.”

To get the right vintage feel, ReAction began its design process with the original Kenner specs for the first line of Star Wars figures, but eventually found as they tested the products that fans have a fonder recollection of the figures Kenner produced later for films like The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, which featured somewhat more intricate costume design, among other improvements. The end result is something Flynn calls "the proper level of sh---y," in a good way. The articulation is still limited, and the design is still crude compared to the often super-detailed toys produced by other companies today, but there's a throwback feel that's "endearing." Put that philosophy and those designs together, and you get stuff like this:

The official ReAction website simply says "Coming Soon," but a number of figures from the line -- including characters from The TerminatorThe GooniesFireflyBack to the Future and more -- are already available in the Super7 online store, and they're almost all only $10. They might not be the same as finally owning that giant Kenner AT-AT you always wanted, but they're close.

(Via Wired)