New NASA report lists 400,000 lbs of space trash left on the Moon

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Jan 31, 2018, 1:51 PM EST

Feeling guilty about that gum wrapper you tossed out your car window last weekend? You should be, but not nearly as remorseful as the folks at NASA should be after a revealing new report documents and reveals exactly how much space trash the Apollo missions left on the lunar surface.

From July of 1969 to December of 1972, our American space program deposited a dozen valiant astronauts onto the barren regolith of the Moon to collect rock and soil samples, conduct experiments, drive golf balls, and rip around the craters in a cool lunar rover.


Credit: NASA


But the unfortunate aftermath of those amazing mission left numerous pieces of garbage, tools, poop bags, and equipment that could not be hiked back to our Big Blue Marble... 809 pieces all weighing over 400,000 pounds to be exact!

A new video from Half As Interesting breaks down the NASA document on lunar litter and adds up the inevitable tons of junk left behind, like a half-dozen descent stages, 100 two-dollar bills, golf balls, American flags, human waste, wet-wipes, soap, nail clippers and much more.

Check it out in the video below, then go pick up that gum wrapper!

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