New Netflix video provides a backstory to the mystical world of Bright

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Dec 29, 2017, 5:31 PM EST

David Ayer's fantasy buddy-cop flick, Bright, might not have inspired the better angels of critics' natures, but it was a successful, widely watched Netflix original film that lured in an estimated 11 million viewers. That's not too shabby, considering the busy holiday period it was dropped into and the mediocre reviews.

Perhaps this was solely on the enduring star power of Will Smith or the movie's mashup concept of goblins, fairies, and orcs living among humans in the modern world being received in an intriguing manner. The most recent Rotten Tomatoes tabulations show it scoring a meager 30 percent combined approval rating among all critics, but a disconnected 88 percent thumbs-up from audiences.



Nevertheless, its dark fantasy crime story fell flat amid more high-minded scrutiny, and some reviewers were severely disappointed in the execution of this $100 million project, with a large number expressing their bewilderment at the internal logic and established rules of the magical world they were thrust into.

To help provide a more coherent foundation from which to engage Bright's supporters and sway its detractors, Netflix has released a new video that details the rise of the magical arts in this fictional universe, helping to explain and give context to its fantastical narrative.

Whether this will change your opinion of Bright or not, it's a commendable effort addressing viewer concerns, and it does deliver a detailed look at the film's backstory.

Have a look and tell us if this illuminates Ayer's film in a more favorable light!