New Nightmare on Elm Street needs a director—and a new Freddy!

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Platinum Dunes producing partners Brad Fuller and Andrew Form told SCI FI Wire that their upcoming reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street is moving fast into production, expected to commence in about 12 weeks in Chicago, and that they are currently looking for a director, though likely not one with whom they've worked before.

The screenplay by Wesley Strick has been rewritten by Eric Heisserer (whose Inhuman is in development), and the story will track Wes Craven's 1984 original. "It's a little bit of the same story, but, you know, we always end up going off into our own kind of weird world, and this will be the same," Fuller said in an interview on Saturday in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he was promoting Friday the 13th.

Fuller added: "[Heisserer's] done a fantastic job. And we're out to directors, and hopefully we land our director in the next week or so."

The producers say they are seeking a director who is a visual stylist and likely not someone the duo have worked with before on such reboot films as The Hitcher or the upcoming Friday the 13th.

As for casting, the duo said that the original Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund, has said he doesn't want to be in the movie, but that other high-level actors have been calling about playing the iconic character with the razor-fingered gloves.

"We have received some very encouraging incoming calls for the role of Freddy," Fuller said. "I mean, real, real high-level actors," both American and British. "I think we'll be able to land a real thespian in that role," he added.

An A-list actor?

"It's not a requirement," Form said. "It's just nice that we have interest at that level."