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New Nintendo Labo plane, submarine, automobile kit coming in September

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Jul 27, 2018, 12:50 PM EDT

The Nintendo Labo is just the latest way the gaming company has tried to innovate in the all-ages niche that they’ve carved for themselves. Now that they’ve added Mario Kart functionality and arcade simulation to the cardboard-folding add-ons to the Nintendo Switch, they’re releasing a standalone vehicle pack to join their robot and variety offerings.

According to Nintendo’s Twitter account, the $70 Vehicle Kit includes the ability to build a car, plane, or submarine - each with its own unique interactive controls (like a joystick or a gas pedal) and “key.”

In a release video, a kid builds a steering wheel, inserts a key, and takes a little buggy (complete with turbo) for a spin.

Check it out:

This video also indicates that the vehicles can be seamlessly transformed into one another - as long as the proper cardboard receptacle for the key has been built. They also showcase plenty of minigames (shooting balloons, breaking rocks, finding treasure, and - of course - racing) in one- and two-player formats. Looks like the Labo still has plenty of life!

The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit comes out on September 14.