New Pacific Rim trailer is the biggest, baddest monsterfest yet

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May 16, 2013, 4:01 PM EDT (Updated)

And you thought the last trailer was awesome.

Last month, Guillermo del Toro rolled out a package of footage from his epic monsters-vs.-mechs flick Pacific Rim that had previously been available only to attendees at this year's WonderCon. That trailer featured, among other things, a Jaeger (the film's name for the giant human-piloted robots that fight the beasts known as Kaiju) clubbing a monster in the face with a ship and smashing another's head with a pair of crushing punches. Now a new, two-and-a-half-minute trailer for the film has hit the 'net, and it's packed with even more Jaeger-vs.-Kaiju badassery.

We've still got nearly two months to go before Pacific Rim finally barrels into theaters, but if you weren't pumped up for this flick already, you're about to be. Monsters! Explosions! Kaiju dropping Jaegers into the ocean! Jaegers superpunching Kaiju at a full run! Ron Perlman's sunglasses! Check it out!

 Pacific Rim is in theaters July 12.

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