New Pennywise Pop! figure is even scarier than the others

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Sep 8, 2017

Just in case Pennywise the clown isn’t scary enough, even in Pop! vinyl form, holding a balloon or Georgie’s boat with that fiendish grin, we just found out the addictive toy company has added another iteration of the demonic clown to its four already terrifying figures.

The fifth vinyl version of Bill Skarsgård inhabiting Tim Curry’s iconically terrifying role from 1990 has gone into total murder mode for this FYE exclusive. He’s ready to pounce with flames of red hair, a mouthful of dagger fangs, and white-gloved hands that look like they may or may not sprout into werewolf claws a second later. Oh, and that splatter you see around his mouth is definitely not makeup.

Pop! has gone into meticulous detail with the revamp of that infamous clown costume as well (which looks even scarier in white because you just know all the blood of his victims will be that much more obvious), from the tattered lace collar to the buttons and piping to the pompoms on his shoes. You might find one of those floating in the sewer — but if you’re already down there, you’ll float, too.

You can also get your claws on the regular Pennywise variant holding Georgie’s boat at FYE, which has a limited-edition Chase sepia variant that is worth reaching into the gutter for. The other exclusives haunting stores are the Walmart “Pennywise with wig” and the Hot Topic “Pennywise with balloon.” I still say the FYE exclusive is arguably the scariest because it looks ready to start feasting on stray children if it hasn’t already had its first meal.

With the reviews almost as chilling as the movie itself, IT isn’t just hype. The approach to this version of the demon clown that can morph into your worst nightmares could make even the bravest horror fan a coulrophobe. If the vinyl figure of this thing is nightmare fuel, you can only imagine it in the flesh.






(via Bloody Disgusting)

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