New photo caption may confirm Man of Steel gender swap

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May 16, 2013

Remember there was speculation earlier in the year about a character's gender being changed in Man of Steel? Looks like we may finally have confirmation that it's true.

According to, a photo caption in a Man of Steel tie-in book shows Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) running for cover during an attack by General Zod (Michael Shannon) with a young actress named Rebecca Buller at his side. Her character's name according to the caption? Jenny Olsen.

A while back, IMDB listed Buller as playing "Jenny Olsen." With no mention of Jimmy Olsen in the credits -- or indeed any confirmation that young Jimmy appeared in the movie -- rumors began to swirl that the loyal Daily Planet photographer had undergone a sex change for the new film.

The photo caption doesn't go all the way toward confirming that, but it does make it official that Buller is playing a woman with the Olsen name (IMDB's information is not always official or accurate). And to make matters just a little more confusing, a source told Comic Book Movie that Buller is actually playing Jimmy's sister.

What's your sense of all this? Has Jimmy been gender-swapped into Jenny, or do you think they just made the character his sister? And if Jimmy was changed into a girl, would that freak you out?

Man of Steel is out in theaters June 14.

(via Digital Spy)

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