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New pics from USA's The Purge TV show reveal calm before the storm

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Aug 13, 2018

There’s nary a purge to be found in the new photos available for USA Network/SYFY’s new TV series based on the popular dystopian horror film franchise The Purge. Considering the bulk of the series actually takes place during the rest of the year in which people don’t go on a massive crime spree, this makes sense.

Not that we don’t see the makings of some good purging. Check out that one picture with the guy (or gal) in the pig mask with the gun by his (or her) side. There’s also the masked gang certainly looking to get its purge on. And what’s up with all the folks on busses? That’s some pretty unnerving imagery. 

We’re also seeing a lot of rich folk looking nefarious and…well…rich, which certainly ties into the franchise’s theme of the Purge being a way of the haves tricking the have-nots into killing each other.  

The series’ new angle from the movies certainly has promise. Since we’ve always had a lot of logistical questions about how this world works, The Purge series could potentially answer many of them. (Plus, word on the street is that the show will also get purgey.)

Check out the photos below. 

The Purge stars William Baldwin (Gossip Girl), Lili Simmons (Ray Donovan), Amanda Warren (The Leftovers), Colin Woodell (Unsane), Hannah Anderson (New Mutants), Lee Tergesen (Oz), Gabriel Chavarria (East Los High), and Jessica Garza (Six). 

The Purge premieres on September 4 at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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