New Prey trailer reveals the sci-fi survival game's insane alt-history plot

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Oct 21, 2016, 2:11 PM EDT (Updated)

Alternative history narratives are a tried and true staple of genre entertainment, whether presented in TV shows like Amazon's Man the High Castle, the well-known series of Harry Turtledove novels, beloved sci-fi franchises like Star Trek and Doctor Who or video games like the upcoming sci-fi survival game from Bethesda, Prey.  

The first-person shooter postulates a twisted history when JFK survived his assassination attempt and teams up with the Soviets to investigate a quarantined satellite infected with alien parasites.  This dangerous contained compound has lain dormant for decades, when it's repurposed as a corporate discovery center and luxury destination where apparently the alien presence is messing with the human mind.  Prey certainly has its creative claws in previous horror gaming titles like Resident Evil, Doom and Dead Space but could offer up some chilling scares and engaging alt-history action when it's released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017.

Check out the dark past behind Talos 1 in the animated short below, then peek at the Prey gameplay trailer and tell us if you think this is an interesting twist to a familiar sci-fi disaster formula.

(Via Gamma Squad)

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