New Riddick trailer reminds us of everything we liked about Pitch Black

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Aug 2, 2013

After floundering with a big-budget PG-13 sequel, Vin Diesel wants to take Riddick back to its R-rated roots — and the latest trailer shows just how hard he’s trying. 

From the claustrophobic setting on a dangerous alien world to the freaky monsters wreaking havoc on a small crew, this has all the makings of another sci-fi classic. There’s no question anymore: This is definitely a sequel to Pitch Black, not Chronicles of Riddick — and that looks to be a very good thing.

The new footage shows a bit more of Diesel’s Riddick being badass, and Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff pops up a few more times along the way. We also get to see a bit more alien tech and weapons, which look pretty sharp.

Maybe it's just the editing job, but the production values seem a little better here when compared to previous trailers — so here’s hoping this one is good and polished when it finally arrives on Sept. 6.

(Via CBM Trailers)

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