New sci-fi series Holoscape from Star Trek producer in the works

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Jul 13, 2016, 5:33 PM EDT

A new sci-fi series from Star Trek producer Rod Roddenberry is heading to TV.

Deadline reports that Storyoscopic Films has optioned Holoscape to develop as a new TV series they will co-produce alongside Roddenberry Entertainment and Jump! Creative. 

Production company Storyoscopic Films aims to "produce high quality animation and genre films" and has a few animated movies in the works, including Animal Crackers, featuring the voice talents of Sylvester Stallone, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Patrick Warburton, Danny DeVito, Sir Ian McKellen and Wallace Shawn; Pet Robots, Ed’s Terrestrials, Max Velocity and The Loyal Order of Snowmen. On the live-action front they have November Man 2, starring Pierce Brosnan.

Here’s the intriguing description for Holoscape:

Like the original Star Trek and its progeny, Holoscape is envisioned as a television program with international appeal, driven by strong diversity in its cast, characters and scope. The series is set in the aftermath of World War 3 and the collapse of civilization. Using a mysterious device from the war, a powerful artifact called the Holoscape, a group of young survivors discover that they are part of a conspiracy that has shaped the destiny of humankind, but are given the chance to escape their present and save our future.

Here’s what Trevor Roth, Head of Development for Roddenberry Entertainment, had to say about the new partnership:

“Storyoscopic holds a unique place in the industry due to its strong ties to China and the International Market. That, along with its sense for strong properties and compelling stories, makes them a perfect collaborator for a global concept like Holoscape.”

With Marcus Englefield of Storyoscopic Films adding:

“From cast and locations, to stories and sensibilities, this property was made for international success. There is no more fitting a name than Roddenberry to create something with such planetary appeal, and there is no more fitting a concept than Holoscape to bring Eastern and Western worlds together in this way.”

The son of the Great Bird of the Galaxy, Rod Roddenberry will also act as producer on Bryan Fuller's upcoming new Star Trek TV series, set to beam onto our television screens on CBS All Access in early 2017. 

Of course, this is still very early days, so we’ll have to wait and see how the project progresses, but, so far, I like what I'm hearing. What do you think of the premise for Holoscape? Are you looking forward to seeing this on your TV screen?

(via Deadline)