New set photos from The Flash reveal our first look at a major supervillain

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Oct 9, 2014

Barry Allen and his speedster cohorts in the pages of DC Comics are known for having a large and very active gang of nemeses to battle at any given time, from Gorilla Grodd to Weather Wizard to Captain Cold. Each Flash rogue has his or her own level of infamy, and we already expect to see quite a few of them popping up in season one of The CW's TV series starring the Fastest Man Alive. Now, thanks to some new photos from the show's shoot in Canada, we've got our first look at the future full-costume appearance of Professor Zoom, otherwise known as Reverse-Flash. 

A supervillain from the 25th century who has at times been depicted as idolizing Barry Allen to the point of wanting to become him, Professor Zoom (real name Eobard Thawne) has many of the same powers as the Flash, but the process by which he got them drove him insane. As a result, he's been known to travel through time and alter history, often wiping people out of existence entirely, often with the aim of ruining Barry Allen's future, present and past. Fans already familiar with the character probably guessed by the color scheme of light surrounding the scene that it was he who killed Barry's mother in the opening moments of the Flash pilot, and if you remember his real name, you also already know that Detective Eddie Thawne (played by Rick Cosnett), aka "Detective Prettyboy," is on the scene in Central City, likely just waiting for the right moment to reveal his supervillain self to Barry.

Well, as the photos below show, that moment's coming sometime soon. Much as in the comics, Thawne's supervillain costume is very similar to Barry's, but with a reversed color scheme (yellow highlighted by red instead of red highlighted by yellow). The Flash design team also gave his suit quite a bit more black than his comic-book duds have, but from the look of things we'll probably get an in-story reason for that. We also know from these photos that he's got Barry on the ropes.

Check out the Flash vs. Professor Zoom stunt fight in the gallery below. We can't wait to see this battle in full.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7C on The CW.

(Via Comic Book Movie)

UPDATE: Images removed

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