New set pics from Assassin's Creed reveal connections to the video game canon

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Nov 5, 2015

A couple of official set pics from the big-screen adaptation of Ubisoft’s hit video game series Assassin’s Creed, currently filming on the island of Malta, have emerged.

The first pic come from location manager Joseph Formosa Randon, who recently spoke with The Location Guide (via Comic Book), where he revealed some interesting set secrets. Randon said that they were originally scouting for “modern day stuff too -- car chases, etc. -- but this was dropped.” All the locations “were for period pieces,” three of which were ancient and medieval forts. “Fort Delimara was for a chase sequence through underground Tunnels and Fort Ricasoli and Fort Manoel provided the backdrop to some spectacular set builds,” Randon said.

They also transformed the capital of Malta, the beautiful city of Valetta, into 15th-century Seville, Spain, and used “very sensitive locations within Valletta: the Grand master's Palace, the National Library, and St. Dominic Church.” You can see one cool set pic below:

The other images that have surfaced hail from Assassin's Creed Head of Content at Ubisoft Azaïzia Aymar who’s shared some revealing pics from inside the set of a staple of the video-game series: Abstergo Industries -- which, and those of you who have played the video games before will already now, is the modern day front for those big bad evil Templars.

Two Templar swords from their "inner sanctum" were unveiled by Aymar. The most interesting one being the sword that bears the likeness of Hugues de Payens on its pommel. De Payens was historically (as well as in the Ubisoft games) the first Grand Master of the Knights Templar. In a Twitter post, Aymar said, “Attention to details and an amazing team #assassinscreedmovie will be fantastic #markmywords.” Check them out:

In the upcoming movie directed by Justin Kurzel (he also directed the X-Men actor in Macbeth), Michael Fassbender plays a brand-new Assassin named Aguilar, while also playing the character's own descendant, Callum Lynch. Aguilar (and his descendant) is not a character found in any of the previous games, but fans should be happy to know he will be part of the official canon. 

Fassbender got in on the game when he shared a pic of himself as Callum Lynch. You can see marks on the back of his neck that could be from the Animus, a machine created by Abstergo in order to enable a person to tap into the genetic memories of an ancestor, reliving their lives.

Assassin's Creed will soar into theaters on Dec. 21, 2016, and will also star Marion Cotillard, Brendan Gleeson and Jeremy Irons.

(via Comic Book)

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