New Silver and Black details emerge on Spider-Man spin-off movie: report

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Mar 25, 2021, 8:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Sony Pictures is moving full steam ahead on Spider-Man spin-offs Venom and Silver and Black, and while the former has been a tightly guarded secret, Silver and Black has constantly found itself at the center of rumors and reports.

The latest round? ThatHashtagShow, which has proven to be a fairly reliable source of early intel, reveals the first details about how the film will supposedly handle the two characters, the story, and its villains. Possible SPOILERS ahead.

Though both characters have double billing, the report claims Silver Sable "is unquestionably the film's protagonist." The pair will clash when Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, steals the wrong thing from the wrong people, setting Sable after her.

The true villain of the film, if the report is to believed, is Mendel Stromm, a somewhat obscure Spider-Man villain known for his experimentation in robotics and cybernetics. That fits in well with earlier reports that Scorpion would be a villain in the film, since he's cybernetically enhanced. Stromm has been experimenting on the Symkarians (the people of the fictional nation where Sable is from). Black Cat received some sort of cybernetic implant from Stromm, setting them on a clashing path.

The report also claims that Sable will be working as a bounty hunter backed by the U.S. government, and should have some form of her Marvel Comics team, the Wild Pack, with her.

Silver and Black is in preproduction now, and has yet to set a release date.