A new speedster in town, plus a very powerful meta in the latest episode of The Flash

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Oct 18, 2016

Spoilers ahead for “Magenta,” the latest episode of The Flash!

The short version: Barry and Iris go on a date; Jesse and Harry return to reveal Jesse is now a speedster (Jesse Quick, y’all); Wally is crazy jealous; and a new meta human turns out to be an extremely powerful telekinetic. 

The good: Harry and Jesse return, a nice twist to the Metahuman of the Week story

The Earth 2 contingent of Team Flash had been absent the first few episodes, but they made one heck of a return in “Magenta.” The portal to Earth 2 busts open to reveal Harrison “Harry” Wells and his daughter Jesse — the latter of which has developed speedster powers following her encounter with the Speed Force at the end of Season 2. 

Tom Cavanagh has always been one of the best things about this series, and though the Flashpoint storyline kept us pretty distracted, his presence has absolutely been missed. Having Jesse become a speedster was a great way to bring them back into the fold, and putting the insanely over-protective father in this role of parenting an aspiring superhero was a great subplot. Jesse has always been a good-hearted character, and her earnestness could’ve been a bit too sweet, but since we got to know her last season it came off just right. 

It’s great to see the beginning of Jesse’s personal journey to become a hero, and much as Arrow is training up a new team of vigilantes this season, Barry Allen looks to be getting his own young protege (or two, if Wally will ever gain his speed). We can't wait to see her suit up.

The Metahuman of the Week story was also a nice twist from the usual beat-em-up. Instead of a superpowered gorilla or metal man, Team Flash faced off with a young girl struggling with split personalities — one of which just so happens to be an insanely strong telekinetic with a bloodlust for her crappy foster dad. It provided the story with some nice nuance, and gave Barry a chance to actually talk down a bad guy without resorting to violence. It also featured an impressive FX action scene with a tanker about to crush a hospital, which didn’t hurt. Here’s hoping Frankie goes off to have a great, drama-free life.

The bad: Some of Wally’s story, Barry and Iris’ date(s)


All right, we get it. Barry and Iris are destined to be together. It’s a pillar of the comic canon, and it's been foreshadowed since the pilot episode (thanks to that future newspaper). But we’ve seen these two start and stop a few times now, and it’s starting to get a little stale. The jury’s still out on whether Grant Gustin and Candice Patton actually have some chemistry, and all I could think during their dates was “God, I miss Patty Spivot.”

For the most part, Wally’s story was solid in this one. He’s destined to be Kid Flash (we assume), and the guy knows it. But here he is, still running at regular ol’ human speed. Seeing Jesse come barreling in on a bolt of lightning forced Wally to face his desires, and he didn’t handle it all that well. It’s absolutely understandable that he would be jealous, considering they were both hit by the Speed Force at the same time. But throwing himself in front of a car? Even knowing Jesse could save him, but still. C’mon, man. That was just dumb. Joe’s pep talk was great, though. Respect the Dad Cop.

Lingering questions

Did you notice Wally’s face when Frankie/Magenta was talking about her interactions with Doctor Alchemy? When she said she was having dreams, Wally’s face lit up (he also alluded to them while talking with Jesse). We know Wally had powers in Flashpoint, and it seems he’s on track to get them again. Will Wally end up actually getting them from Alchemy, though? It’ll be interesting to see where this one goes.

Harry noted they’ll be sticking around Earth-1 for a few days, at least, but we really hope they hang around a bit longer. Jesse’s story was the best surprise about this episode, and we want to see more of it. Having Harry around should also be a big help as they try to unravel the lingering effects of Flashpoint, even if he has to hilariously rub Barry’s nose in it a few more times.

The post-Flashpoint shake-up is proving to be an interesting tool to change up the status quo, and this week we got our first peek at the Speed Lab — a place Barry and Wells (who wasn’t affected by Flashpoint, since he was in an alternate universe at the time) didn’t even know existed. What other differences are still lurking out there?

Lines of the night:

Not.” - Wells.

There's good cop, bad cop and dad cop.” - Joe

Run Jesse, run.” - Harry.

Up next: Mirror Master comes to Central City, and it looks like a reflective (heehee) good time.

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