New Star Trek Monopoly game lets you play in native English or Klingon

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Apr 29, 2017, 9:22 AM EDT (Updated)

Ever wanted to play the classic Parker Brothers real estate acquisition board game but felt left out because you only speak native Klingon? Sure you have! Well, USAopoly, providers of a plethora of pop culture Monopoly variants for the masses, has heard your cries of anguish and are publishing a new Star Trek-themed edition that allows you to partake in either English or tlhIngan Hol, the official Klingon tongue.

The bilingual game requires you to build your tyrannical empire and accumulate planets, moons, space stations and remote outpost using a collection of Klingon-centric tokens like a Bat'leth, Bird of Prey, Captain's Chair, D'k Tahg, Disruptor and High Court Gavel. The colorful custom game board features familiar destinations and territories in the entire Star Trek Universe. Available now HERE for $39.99

Here's the ThinkGeek description:


You have been chosen to preserve the glory of the Empire! Control the galaxy with the might of Kahless and be immortalized in the Hall of Warriors. Victory shall be yours if you conquer all the systems within the galaxy. Kronos, Romulus, and even the puny Federation's precious Earth are all up for grabs. Honor will rise in your houses as you bring your enemies to their knees.

Klingon Monopoly is a bilingual game and includes a game board featuring planets and territories in the Star Trek Universe, 6 collectible player tokens, 28 Title Deed Cards, 16 Combat cards (Chance), 16 Honor cards (Community Chest), 2 Dice, 32 Outposts (houses), 12 Capitals (hotels), 1 Pack of Klingon Forces (money), and full rules. Play it like traditional Monopoly (with a Klingon twist) or use the 60 minute speed play rules for a much shorter game. Qapla'!

(Via io9)