New Star Wars documentary to focus on 'Disneyfication' of the franchise

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Jun 18, 2014, 12:29 PM EDT (Updated)

Concerned about how Disney will approach the Star Wars franchise with its lengthy list of sequels and spinoffs currently in development? So are these folks, and they’re making a movie about it.

The folks who made the well-received 2010 documentary The People vs. George Lucas have announced that a sequel, dubbed The People vs. George Lucas II, is currently in development to focus specifically on Lucasfilm’s sale to Disney and what that could mean for the future of Star Wars.

The film will interview fans and experts, with aims to answer the question of what the franchise will look like with Lucas out of the workshop and Disney calling the shots. The doc is set to open the same time as Episode VII in December 2015, so it’ll admittedly be some guesswork — but it should still be a lot of fun.

Here’s the official synopsis for the project:

While many seem delighted that George Lucas finally handed over the reins, and excited about the future of the franchise; others are worried about the Disneyfication of the galaxy far, far away that has defined their childhood.

THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS - EPISODE II will draw the curtain on the examination of the most complex relationship between a creator and his fans in the world of popular culture, asking the question: what does the future of STAR WARS look like without George Lucas?

The producers are currently accepting fans' thoughts on the matter, so head over to the official website for more information. 

So, how do you think the Disney sale will affect Star Wars in the years to come?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)