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New Star Wars Halloween costume proves only Han Solo looks cool frozen in carbonite

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Sep 13, 2018, 4:33 PM EDT (Updated)

The most romantic moment in all of Star Wars — Leia Organa admitting her love for Han Solo and Solo admitting that he rules very hard, then being flash-frozen alive — has been turned into a Halloween costume. And honestly, it’s very, very scary.

Not that Star Wars costumes aren’t cool, or that this concept isn’t awesome — both things are true. But the Star Wars Adult Inflatable Han Solo Carbonite Costume is terrifying, especially if people don’t know that you’re supposed to be Jabba the Hutt’s favorite decoration and not, say, a killer wall. Just look at him:

Han Solo Carbonite costume

Source: Amazon

This officially licensed costume attempts to replicate the look of frozen carbonite with a popsicled Solo poking out. Instead, the creepy Harrison Ford mask makes it look like Michael Myers is hiding from the Predator in the jungle. The costume works with a fan to keep the inflatable section nice and full while you wear it strapped to the costume’s jumpsuit. Like this:

Han solo inflatable costume instructions

Source: Amazon

So, pretty cool as long as nobody sees you from behind. But then, the gray mask and gloves really take the costume from “dashing smuggler” to “concrete strangler” in a heartbeat.

Perhaps painting your face to match the wall (instead of wearing the silvery skin of Solo) will look a little less scary, but let’s be honest -- nobody’s going to be as cool as Ford all covered in silver. That nerf herder’s just got more moxie than the rest of us. But we can all do just a little bit better this Halloween.

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