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New Star Wars Resistance featurette introduces us to some of the most 'Ace' pilots in the galaxy

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Sep 14, 2018, 4:01 PM EDT

Disney XD'x Star Wars Resistance won't just be about Kaz Xiono's efforts to spy on the First Order. It'll also be about competitive racing that takes place on the Colossus, a massive refueling station in the Outer Rim, where Kaz works as a mechanic to hide his secret identity. 

In a recent featurette, we were introduced to the Colossus mechanics, also known as "Team Fireball." A brand-new featurette now introduces us to the pilots that protect the station and race in their spare time, the "Aces."  

As you'll see, each pilot comes with their own ship, droid, and unique set of quirks. 

“When you see movies like The Right Stuff, it really connects with you because you know people like that in your life, these pilots who have a really unique sense of confidence,” Filoni told Bleeding Cool News.

Watch the video below:

First up is Torra Doza (Myrna Velasco, East Enders), a talented flyer with a childlike outlook on the world and an overprotective father. Kaz will be her first true friend. 

Next is Hype Faizon (Donald Faison, Scrubs), a cocky and sponsored pilot, who is a member of Greedo's race, the Rodians. According to Resistance creator Dave Filoni, Hype was created especially for Faison, hence the similarities in their surnames. 

Third up is Griff Halloran (Stephen Stanton, Star Wars Rebels), a grumpy ex-TIE fighter flyer for the Empire. He's pretty cool, since he's got all his old equipment and a souped-up TIE Fighter. 

Freya Fenris (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Star Wars Rebels) is a cold, yet trustworthy pilot. 

And lastly you've got Bo Keevil, a daredevil of a racer modeled after (you guessed it) Evil Knievel. His ambition to push his ship to the absolute limit usually causes him to crash, but he's a mystery to the rest of the team. He's got no voice actor, so maybe he'll turn out to be a famous character in disguise.

Catch the Aces in action when Star Wars Resistance premieres for a one-hour episode on Disney XD Sunday, Oct. 7.