New Stranger Things teaser hints at Eleven's origin story

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Mar 26, 2021, 6:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Stranger Things has never shied away from weird happenings, but as fans eagerly await the premiere of the second season it's very safe to say that the show's official teasers are getting more than a little... well, strange.

While last season saw the somewhat foreshadowed return of the mysterious Eleven after her final showdown with the monster of the Upside Down, it appears that she and the rest of the gang will be back to team up against whatever threats come up. But will we ever have the opportunity to learn more about her backstory and where she came from - or, more importantly, how she ended up at the Hawkins National Lab under the control of Dr. Brenner? This teaser certainly suggests that possibility.

Although many of the images in the "Nosebleed" teaser are almost too fast for us to catch, there are a few that give us pause. That girl with the nosebleed? Well, it could be Eleven - but it could also be Eleven's mother Terry Ives, who was a participant in the Project MKUltra program conducted by the CIA and died as a result of those experiments.

The other details we can figure out are the words being muttered over and over again: sunflower, three to the right, four to the left, rainbow and 450 - along with corresponding images that flash throughout. We don't know what kind of significance this will have, but they could be details to remember heading in. 

Season two of Stranger Things premieres in full on Netflix on October 27.