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New Superman writer Brian Bendis on the current state of truth, justice, and the American way

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Mar 7, 2018, 10:29 AM EST

Brian Michael Bendis hasn't published one comic at DC yet and he's already dropping truth bombs about some of its most iconic characters. Speaking on The World Balloon podcast, Bendis broke down a few of Superman's most recognizable elements in terms of the things he fights for: truth, justice, and the American way:

“The idea that with Superman you get truth, justice, and the American way. It’s such an Americana, cornball idea, you can even blow it off, but if you really break down what it means: Truth isn't something we can take for granted anymore. There’s a lot of people selling a truth. Justice, we now know, is not for everyone. And the American way, the idea that someone can come here, and live, and be free, these ideas are no longer cliche, they are no longer absolute. They are under siege, they are under debate, some of it is in deep crisis, and the fact that there is a character who deeply respects these ideas… it may be his religion.

If ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ is Peter Parker’s religion, then ‘truth, justice, and the American way’ is Clark’s, and he has to fight [for] that. Sometimes that fight isn’t a physical fight. Sometimes that fight is only a fight that Clark, investigative reporter, can do. Truth and justice may be a thing that only Clark can do in a deep, profound way. Even though Superman might represent it as a physical attribute, actually doing something for truth is Clark’s job.”

The legendary writer (and co-creator of Jessica Jones) announced in November that he'd signed an exclusive deal with DC and would be leaving Marvel effective immediately. Not long after, word got out that Bendis planned to take over the Superman comic title with a six-issue miniseries called Man of Steel, which launches in May. 

Bendis' first-ever DC contribution is a back-up story in the history-making Action Comics #1000, which goes on sale Wednesday, April 18. He is also bringing over his own imprint of Jinxworld for more mature comics such as Pearl and Cover.