New teaser footage for NBC's Heroes Reborn asks: 'Where are the heroes?'

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Jun 24, 2015

Aside from the fact that it’ll remix classic cast members with new additions like Zachary Levi, we don’t know a whole lot about NBC's Heroes Reborn. Well, some new teaser footage just peeled back another layer on the revival.

A new teaser clip from the 13-episode event series has been released, giving us some tantalizing peeks at how the world of Heroes has changed in the years since the original show went off the air. Basically? It looks like a lot of the powered folks have left in the wake of Claire revealing her near-invulnerability in the show’s final season — to the point that people are asking about it worldwide. It’s an interesting angle, sure, but were any of these folks really world-beating heroes to begin with? 

We were promised this new run of episodes would attempt to “develop new layers” on top of the original concept that made the first season so enjoyable, but as they keep adding more and more cast members from the original series (Hiro, Noah Bennett, Parkman, etc.), we’re starting to wonder if it’ll just be more convoluted craziness built upon the awfulness of those final few years.

Check out the footage below and let us know what you think:

Heroes Reborn premieres Sept. 24 on NBC.

(Via NBC)

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