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New The Nightmare Before Christmas sequel manga coming next year

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Aug 1, 2017

Just in time for its 25th anniversary, TokyoPop has disclosed its plan on releasing a new The Nightmare Before Christmas sequel Japanese comic called Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey.

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Named after Jack Skellington's famous phantom canine, this new venture into the beloved cult realm of creator Tim Burton and director Henry Selick is being written by DJ Milky (actually TokyoPop founder Stuart J. Levy) with art by Studio DICE for a Spring 2018 premiere.

The episodic story follows Zero's misadventures in Christmas Town after getting lost and will be offered up as individual full-color issues individually prior to being collected in a larger collected volume.

TokyoPop was one of the first to license a comic adaptation of the stop-motion animated feature from 1993, with a 2004 Special Collector's Manga graphic novel.

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Will you welcome a new adventure into Burton's holiday classic until Disney studio heads convince him to climb aboard for a feature film animated sequel?

(Via io9)

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