New Thrones S3 trailer delivers more action, drama and sexytime!

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Mar 2, 2013, 9:11 PM EST

HBO has suprised us by releasing a thrilling new Game of Thrones season-three trailer ahead of its planned Sunday premiere. (Thanks, HBO!) So, is it worth watching? Seven hells, yes!


The new trailer is similar to the one-minute one that debuted more than a week ago on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and though it only boasts twenty-one additional seconds, those twenty-one seconds do offer us glimpses at some exciting new scenes (including one that has Brienne in the bear pit with the bear, guys!), more action, more drama, and more sexy times (‘cause we all need some of those).

Have a look!

How do you like this exciting new extended trailer?

Game of Thrones season three returns to HBO on March 31 at 9PM.