New Tomb Raider game in the works, but its mystery has yet to be uncovered

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Dec 7, 2017

Lara Croft is gearing up for another adventure, and we're not talking about her upcoming film reboot. The talented Ms. Croft will be returning to her home turf in the gaming world, though the exact details of her new game are unknown at this time. 

Square Enix announced today through its Facebook page (as well as twitter) today the following: "Square Enix is delighted to share some big news with you this year. Honestly, we wish we could share it right now, but we're taking a new approach this time. A new Tomb Raider game is coming."

The new approach seems mysterious indeed, as the message goes on to say, "Driven by our goal of putting our fans first, we want you to know that it won't be very long between the official reveal and when you can play. Our journey together will begin with a major event in 2018. We simply can't wait to take you on Lara Croft's defining adventure."

SYFY Wire reached out to Square Enix for more information, but they declined to provide additional details at this time. 

A "defining" adventure sounds a bit final, but also very exciting. Lara Croft has had a reawakening of sorts in recent years, with new games based on her early adventuring years taking the place of the classic gun-toting shoot em' ups. Tomb Raider had a young Croft dealing with a cult on a mystic island (we've all been there), and Rise of the Tomb Raider found the young Ms. Croft trekking through Siberia.


A new game would come out right when Lara is set to be under one of the biggest spotlights around: a reboot of the Tomb Raider film franchise, starring Alicia Vikander as a young Lara Croft, alongside Dominic West, Walton Goggins, Daniel Wu, and Killjoys star Hannah John-Kamen. It is suggested by the trailer that the new film (directed by Roar Uthaug) will follow in the footsteps of the rebooted games. A new game in the series would be the perfect accompaniment to the film, and give fans a possible case of Lara Croft overload, if that's even possible.

The new Tomb Raider film will be released Mar. 16, 2018, and we'll have more information on the new game as it comes!

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