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Between Worlds: Possessing new trailer for Nicolas Cage's delightfully bizarre ghost story

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Nov 1, 2018, 8:10 PM EDT (Updated)

Nicolas Cage's latest outing, the supernatural romantic thriller Between Worlds, has secured a theatrical release date before the end of the year. To celebrate, Saban Films just released a new trailer, which should help viewers unpack the film's utterly bizarre premise.

In Between Worlds, Cage plays a lonely trucker who misses his late wife, whose ghost ends up inhabiting the body of his current girlfriend's daughter. Talk about awkward, right?

Anyway, here's the trailer so you can see this all for yourself.

While Cage's most recent film, the critically acclaimed and equally intense Mandy, was still in its theatrical run, Between Worlds had its world premiere at this year's Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. After a midnight screening, which is probably the best time to watch Between Worlds, writer/director Maria Pulera said she wanted Cage to go all in on his trademark eccentricity when helping to bring the character of Joe to life. 

"It's just being true to the material," Pulera said about Cage's collaborative vision. "When you have material that takes you into a certain place, we followed [it], and this is where we ended."

Pulera was also quite vocal about her love for embellishing Cage's instincts, whatever they may end up leading. "It's wacky, it's insane. We love it. I love everything he does."

Between Worlds will start its theatrical run Dec. 21, just four days before Christmas. So, be sure to give yourself the gift of seeing one of the best supernatural love triangles fueled by unrepentant Cage-ian weirdness on the big screen. 

(h/t /Film)

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