New trailer for Halle Berry's Extant is sci-fi conspiracy meets Rosemary’s Baby

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May 8, 2014, 1:35 PM EDT (Updated)

A new trailer for Halle Berry and Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi series Extant has arrived, and we’re really digging that creepy sci-fi vibe. Get ready for Rosemary’s (alien?) Baby.

The extended trailer shows off quite a bit more of the setup, with Berry’s astronaut apparently pregnant ... after spending more than a year alone in space. It’s a nice mystery, and an intriguing sci-fi twist on the classic immaculate-conception concept. 

There’s a fair bit of new footage here, showing off more of the sci-fi conspiracy angle and family dynamic as she tries to find her place back on Earth and figure out what the heck is happening with her super-creepy pregnancy.

We like what we see, and this could be a very fun series to fill the void this summer on CBS when it debuts July 2. What do you think?

(Via Coming Soon)

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