New trailer for horror movie A Dark Song seeks to raise the supernatural

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Oct 31, 2016

A Dark Song is a little horror movie that’s been making the rounds recently on a couple of movie festival circuits but has yet to receive a wider release. While we wait for that to happen, a new trailer for the movie has been unleashed.

Movies about black magic have always freaked me the hell out (I'm not even sure why) and that’s the subject matter director Liam Gavin’s movie is tackling in A Dark Song. The movie centers on a woman (Catherine Walker) who wants to avenge the death of her kid by raising spirits (if there's one thing horror movies have thaught us, is that it's never a good idea) with some black magic hocus pocus and, according to io9, the ritual is a year-long process that’s super complicated (a year-long? no kidding!). There’s not one single word spoken in the trailer, which makes it all the more spooky.

Liam Gavin’s occult horror stars Sightseers’ Steve Oram and Catherine Walker, and follows a young mother who is determined to avenge the murder of her child with the help of a hard-drinking occultist. Locking themselves into an isolated house, they perform a magic ritual to enlist the help of the supernatural world, but secrets from their pasts unleash darker powers.


A Dark Song also stars Susan Loughnane and Mark Huberman, and was just picked up for worldwide distribution (except North America) by Kaleidoscope Film Distribution. Can we start an occult prayer circle to get someone to release the movie here?



(Bloody-Disgusting via io9)

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