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New trailer for indie sci-fi flick Space Command loaded with Trek, Babylon 5 alums

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Sep 2, 2014, 1:43 PM EDT (Updated)

A new trailer for the indie sci-fi flick Space Command has arrived, and it’s loaded with familiar sci-fi faces and some 1950s pulp attitude. Honestly, it looks like a lot of fun.

The series, developed by veteran writer and director Marc Scott Zicree (Sliders, Space Precinct), is meant to evoke the nostalgia and positivity of classic science fiction. The effects are a little silly, and the whole thing has a low-budget feel, but it’s still a delightful genre throwback. It almost has a bit of a Star Trek: The Original Series vibe.

The best part? You’ll recognize a boatload of the cast. It includes Star Trek players Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo and Armin Shimmerman; Babylon 5 alums Mira Furlan and Bill Mumy; former The X-Files fan fave Dean Haglund and acclaimed creature actor Doug Jones (Hellboy, Falling Skies). It’s a fun cast, and if nothing else, it’s a blast to see them all together in one project.

Watch the new trailer above and check out the synopsis below:

The SC stories follow the bold future adventures of the United Planet’s Space Command, a dedicated group of scientists, soldiers and adventurers exploring and taming the vast expanse of our solar system for human colonization … Reminiscent of sci-fi’s optimistic past, SPACE COMMAND promises high-flying adventure, stunning visual effects, memorable characters and thoughtful discussions of eternally human conflicts.

Shooting for the first film resumed Aug. 25, and the process is reportedly in the “home stretch” to wrap up the first installment of the potential franchise. What do you think? Is this something you’d actually watch?

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