New trailer for long-awaited sequel to Gareth Edwards' Monsters has arrived

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May 15, 2014, 5:48 PM EDT (Updated)

Before he was the guy rebooting Godzilla, Gareth Edwards was an aspiring filmmaker cranking out the ultra-indie sci-fi flick Monsters. Now we have a look at its bigger-budget sequel.

Sadly, Edwards doesn’t return to helm the sequel (he’s been a bit busy with his own monster movie), though he did stick around as a producer on Monsters: Dark Continent to help out newcomer Tom Green.

Where the original told a story on the fringes of a monster-filled world, the sequel looks to take the alien menace head-on from a more militaristic point of view. The plot of Dark Continent is set seven years after Monsters, and it seems the infected zones have expanded across the globe. Basically, the planet has become an all-out human-vs.-alien-creature war zone.

The film finds seasoned soldier Noah (Johnny Harris) sent to track down an American soldier who has gone rogue deep in the Infected Zone, but when his unit is destroyed, Noah has to team up with the rogue soldier’s brother to survive. From there, the duo will take a “life-altering journey through the dark heart of monster territory, accompanied by a young local woman to guide them.”

It seems like a nice spin on the original, and the trailer shows a noticeable increase in the effects budget. But, judging by the synopsis, the story shouldn’t skew too far from the stories that made the original such a thoughtful, entertaining ride. Here's hoping it hits the balance.

Monsters: Dark Continent is tentatively set to open in September in the U.K. Still no word on a U.S. release date.

(Via IGN)