New Tron Legacy spoilers and a secret cameo

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Adam-Troy Castro
Jul 4, 2015

When the Disney sequel Tron Legacy lights up the screen in December, fans will be treated to an entirely new virtual realm that expands beyond the relatively simple one of the 1982 original movie Tron, with a surprising cameo appearance. (Big spoilers ahead!)

Besides a host of new vehicles and environments, the new movie will feature a virtual nightclub, which star Michael Sheen's character runs. He spoke with SCI FI Wire about it in an exclusive interview over the weekend while promoting Alice in Wonderland.

Going from Alice in Wonderland to Tron Legacy reminded Sheen of a different sort of wonderland, a digital one. "Similar in a way, isn't it? Certainly in the first Tron film, Jeff's [Bridges] character gets kind of sucked into this Wonderland-type place. So there's a similarity to it. We go back to the world of Tron 28 years later, and technology has moved on. All the same things that we saw in the first Tron film will be there, but it's just, again, in a new light and with 28 years of technology."

Sheen said that he serves an important role in the movie. "I run the nightclub," Sheen said. "I am the host of the nightclub and a showman, this sort of very over-the-top character."

The nightclub has some retro-Tron cred, too. Steven Lisberger, the original writer/director of Tron, performs a cameo role in the club. "I met Steve," Sheen revealed. "We're in the same scenes together, or one of the scenes. He has a little cameo, yeah."

Will Daft Punk—the music duo who provide the sequel's soundtrack—perform onscreen in the club, as rumored? Sheen was coy: "I'm not sure," he said. "I'm not sure."

Well played, Sheen. He also said he couldn't remember the name of the digital nightclub. More likely, that's also a secret being closely guarded for the film's release.

He did confirm that the club was an actual set, not a computer-generated environment a la Star Wars: Episode I, although many of the film's locales will be created in post-production, with principal photography conducted on green screen.

"It was fantastic," Sheen said. "It was this amazing set and all these amazing people there. For a film that has a lot of green screen, I got the most fun bits to do."

Tron Legacy opens Dec. 17.

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