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New TV ad starring Mr. Sulu gives first clue to who may direct next Trek

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Oct 8, 2013, 10:22 AM EDT

GE's brilliant new ad features the starship Enterprise, John Cho and a director who could be "the one" to take on Star Trek 3.

This new commercial in a series called “Brilliant Machines” features—as we've said above—the USS Enterprise, as well as actor John Cho (recently seen in Sleepy Hollow), who's back in fine form as Mr. Sulu, and Joseph Gatt, who's back as Science Officer 0718 (aka the bald guy with the stunning eyes).

The 30-second commercial features complete new scenes and dialogue written for the ad and looks like it was filmed on the actual Enterprise bridge movie set.

What’s also interesting about this commercial is that, according to Joseph Gatt’s Facebook page, David Gordon Green, who directed Pineapple Express and an indie film called Prince Avalanche, also directed this exciting little GE “Brilliant Enterprise” commercial.

Now we all know that J.J. Abrams has been looking for someone to direct the next Star Trek flick ever since the director jumped ship to go and direct Star Wars: Episode VII. Could Green be it? After all, he obviously got the lens flares right, J.J. style. (You know we had to go there, right?)

Granted, David Gordon Green doesn’t have the experience to direct a large-budget film that’s also filled to the brim with special effects. However, the guy’s a talented young director who could bring his own fresh perspective to a new Star Trek film and give it a more … human touch?

What do you think? Do you believe we're getting a major hint as to who the next Star Trek director will be? And how did you like that commercial? Cool, right?

(via Trek Web)