New Twin Peaks TV show will be filmed as one movie

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Aug 11, 2015, 6:03 PM EDT

We’ve known for a while now that Twin Peaks, the surreal soap opera from 1990-1991, will be getting a new life on Showtime, with David Lynch returning to the helm. But what we didn’t know until now: There may be more than nine episodes. Or perhaps less. 

Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost are writing the television show as one lengthy film. After filming, Lynch and Frost will be editing the film down into separate episodes. In other words, they won’t know how many episodes the Twin Peaks redux will be until the editing is complete.

What’s the advantage of filming every scene at once? I have a theory that it compresses shooting schedules. So instead of actors filming for one week on/one week off, actors and filmmakers may be able to work for a solid chunk of time—likely around the clock. This may inspire creativity and/or insanity.

And isn’t that what Twin Peaks is about?

According to the Verge, Twin Peaks will begin shooting in September. Showtime has yet to announce a release date.