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New Venom featurettes dig into the Jekyll and Hyde vibe, bringing the symbiote to life

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Sep 19, 2018, 12:38 PM EDT (Updated)

With Venom just around the corner ready to eat both of our arms, and then both of our legs, and our faces right off our heads give us a couple hours of escapist entertainment, two featurettes on the upcoming PG-13-rated film have been given to us to sate our own insatiable appetites (for movie news).

In the first featurette, from, director Ruben Fleischer explains that the most exciting thing he finds about Venom “is having the opportunity to take a truly beloved character from comic books and combine that with one of the most exciting actors in the world—Tom Hardy.” And, of course, we’re treated to several shots from the film where Hardy is being, well, awesome and exciting.

Fleischer and Venom star Michelle Williams also mention the not-so-subtle Jekyll and Hyde thing going on with the character throughout the movie.

For the second featurette, IGN talks with the visual effects team behind the movie about how they brought a digital character like Venom to life in a live-action film. (Hint: Hardy’s on-set performance is a huge, huge help.)

Check them both out below:


As mentioned earlier, these featurettes come to us just after word got out that Venom has been given a PG-13 rating, which surely comes as a letdown to many fans. But hey. At least we won’t be deprived of that “turd in the wind” line, right? Right…?

Venom hits theaters on October 5.