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New video descends into aborted Tales From The Crypt video game

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Apr 6, 2018, 4:27 PM EDT

The Cryptkeeper must be developing a serious inferiority complex by now, with news last year that M. Night Shyamalan's reboot of the creepy-cool HBO series from the '90s would not be coming to TNT, and now we hear of a Tales From The Crypt video game that never was.

Shyamalan's planned resurrection was killed last summer, when Turner Entertainment's chief creative officer Kevin Reilly cited "the most—if not the most—complicated rights structure I’ve ever seen in my career" as the main reason for the project being pulled from the cable network's schedule.

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In another case of "what could have been," a major computer video game based on Tales From The Crypt was deep into development in the mid-1990s before having its funding and distribution plug pulled.

YouTube's CryptTube has dug up a coffin-load of new information on that proposed Tales From the Crypt video game for MS Windows from 1995 that never made it out of those preliminary stages. Apparently the studio taking on the putrefying project got gobbled up by a larger firm and they decided to yank the game before it ever left the Beta nest due to bankruptcy proceedings.

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Check out this cobwebbed corner of gaming lore to see rare concept art, CGI tests, a message from Cryptkeeper vocal star John Kassir, and artist Mike Vosburg's original drawings for this forgotten Tales From The Crypt PC game that we would have died to play!

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